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How To Order

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Cremulets are a unique and beautiful way to preserve a small amount of your pet's cremains in a fused glass amulet.

A cremulet may be worn like a pendant or simply displayed in an appropriate place at home.

All cremulets are custom made to your specifications based on a large number of possible designs.

We require only a very small amount of cremains to make a cremulet any extra will be returned to you and you can be assured that they are treated with respect and care.


How Cremulets Are Made?

Some cremains are placed between two or more layers of fusible glass and fired at a high temperature in a glass kiln. When the layers of glass fuse together the cremains remain in their original position, preserved and protected within what is now a single piece of glass. The final look of the cremulet depends on the the colors of the original layers of glass, and we often use a special glass called "dichroic" to add the shimmering accents you'll see in many of the samples.

Heart Cremulet

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