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I remember the moment that we adopted you that we were in for a wild ride. Mason was only two weeks old and we had this crazy idea to buy a "bird hunting" dog. It turned out that you had such a huge heart, I know now you could have never hurt a fly. You were the protector of your two kids... You and I had a Marley and Me relationship. There were days I wanted to open the back door and kick you out because you got into the trash for the 100th time and then there were days you would be waiting for me at the door with a smile on your faces and you tiny tail wagging, prancing like a pony in a parade.  Today, my friend I never wanted to come, I had to say good bye to my sweet Kolbe after 13 years. I hugged you and told you goodbye for the last time. Thank you for being such a huge part of our family. I'm going to miss you like crazy.  Love you old friend.

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